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Hi, I’m AC Capehart. I’m a Choicy White Boy.

On this blog, you’ll find my general musings about life, the occasional thing that I find cool — usually for its geekyness, and a great deal about my daughter, Samantha. Over time, this blog has evolved as my life has changed. The early part of the blog is just my musings/journaling about my life. Not long into it, my wife becomes pregnant and some number of months later (9-ish?) Samantha takes over our lives completely. During this phase, I’m the stay-at-home dad and general care giver as well as an occasional computer consultant.

Sam changed a lot about our lives including our willingness to stay in a place with as limited diversity and culture as Altoona, PA, so I went job hunting and found an awesome position with Linden Lab (the makers of Second Life) and so my wife and I switched. I worked for Linden Lab for several years which found us moving to England before being let go. For now, I’ve started a new company with former colleagues from the lab, and retrenched in Charlottesville. The most home-like place we currently have in this world.

On my daughter, Samantha, I used to keep a great many statistics– almost certainly more than you’d be interested in unless you regret the end of Trixie Update. Well, did. I’ll have to see how many of those I can revive after the move.

I am an alumnus of C.E. Jordan High School in NC, Swarthmore College in PA, and the University of Virginia in (can you guess?) Virginia.

If you’re new to the blog, you may be interested to read Sam’s birth story (as it happened) or my monthly letters to Sam. If you’ve really got too much time on your hands, you might be curious to check out all of the Childhood & Fatherhood category.

Finally, for an explanation of the title Choicy White Boy, see this entry.