AC Capehart/2-wheeler

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Sam got her first “bicycle” today. We got her a “balance bike” or “walking bike”. We’d looked around and found some pretty good deals on amazon, but we wanted to try it out in the shop before making a purchase like that. So we went to a few different bike shops including Performance that didn’t have any. We wound up at “Mike’s Bikes” where they had a few from Specialized. Sam was really cute as she skuut’ed around the store on it, making “ch” “ch” sounds. I’d been wanting one with a hand break so she’d learn that skill too, but apparently hand breaks aren’t actually standard until much larger bikes, so no big deal.

After a few more errands (including home to get an allen wrench to raise the seat), we headed out to Castro park where Sam made a loop around the park and then lots of back-and-forth-and around in the paved play area. To accompany her, I broke out my long-ignored inline skates. Much fun was had. But what a momentous day!