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I am having Geek Gasm, I just came across and astonished. I’ve already Jotted my Google calendar and I feel I can Jott my To-Do list, Remember the Milk too and now I am Jotting this blog entry. I called that in it gives a home meeting to some event(?). I am really impressed. listen

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WOW. Speech to text has become useful at The above is a blog entry “written” by voice. Frequent readers will know that I’m not a frequent writer. How many times have I been walking to BART and had a “Deep Thought”? Or has Sam said something while we’re out and about and I though “Oh, that’s so cute it’s bloggable!?” I do carry a moleskien and space pen, so sometimes capture these things.

Sam: That’s what he said.

Dad: That’s what who said?

Sam: That’s what my grandfather said when I was born.

Dad: What did your grandfather say when you were born?

Sam: Be near the closet!

But really very rarely. Now, I really have no excuse. Heck, I may even start to twitter again. You can confirm via the audio link attached to the above (I wonder how long they keep ’em), but you’ll see that it was very close. Here’s what I intended to get printed:

I’m having a geek-gasm. I just came across and am astonished. I’ve already jotted my Google calendar and I see that I can jott my to-do list at Remember the Milk, too. And now I am jotting this blog entry. I called it in. It gives a whole new meaning to “phone it in.” I’m really impressed.

As you can see, still far from perfect. But I called a phone number and spoke a blog entry that you could read. Obviously, I’ve edited it heavily now, for your consumption, but I remain astonished. 🙂