AC Capehart/See Whom?

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As a preface to this post, it’s important to understand that Sam still doesn’t enunciate very clearly. She can’t properly create all the phonemes in the English language. Sam’s babysitter was impressed with how much Sam talked, but bemoaned how little she could understand of what Sam was saying. We’re pretty good at making it out. After all, we’ve been listening to her since she was born! Anyway, words like “Turtle” don’t yet sound like “turtle” It’s more like “tor lul”.

The three of us were in the bathroom for potty time which was taking a while. Since I was getting ready to go to Seattle for business, I asked Carolyn to get some Purell that I could use during and after the flight. Carolyn and Sam were both sick recently and I was afraid that between that and the airplane, I’d spend my time in Seattle in the hotel-sick-bed. Carolyn got up and left the bathroom and the following conversation ensued:

Sam: Where did Mommy go?

Dad: Mommy went to find some Purell for daddy to take on his trip.

Sam: For Allell?

Dad: For what?

Sam: For Allell?

Dad: Say it again, sweetie?

Sam: For Allell?

Dad: I’m so sorry, hun, I just don’t understand.

Sam: Who is Daddy going to go see?

Dad: [Busting a gut] Ooooh, Seattle!