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We went to our second museum since Sam’s birth today. And it was a much better experience than the previous time (in Princeton during Sam’s first conference.) Sam lasted for a full 40 minutes or so at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). They were having an exhibit of Picasso and American artists that he influenced. It was neat to see Picasso beside the artists the he inspired, whether direct derivations, or connected more tangentially. We saw works from Stuart Davis (neither of us knew him before and Carolyn quite liked his work), Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and others.

Sam demonstrated enthusiasm for 3 aspects of the trip

  1. Lichtenstein
  2. A Picasso board book (which we purchased for home)
  3. and the stairs. — She did 4 flights going down on the way out

And I don’t know to what extent she’ll keep them, but she picked up the words “Picasso” (khas) and “Museum” (Ziem) today too.