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Sam has really started taking off with the walking. Only a little bit of it is unsupported, but finger walking has come quite a long way in a short amount of time.

Last week, Mom and Sam came into the city so that Mom could get some new glasses. Sam and I had lunch in a park near the office. A passerby noted “You two look like such a picture there. She looks so content.” Near the end of lunch Mom joined us, the world in somewhat sharper focus for her. After we packed up, we each took a hand, and with Sam walked the ~2 city blocks back to the office

This weekend we drove around Oakland some, and I showed Sam and Mom places that we looked at, but ended up not renting. We also wound up at the Lake Chabot Regional Park. Sam walked (still dual-supported) part way up the trail (maybe 20 yards) to where a fenced-in horse was eating some hay, and promptly turned around and headed back down to the parking lot. We walked around the gravel parking lot. Then we walked around it some more. The girl definitely has a mind of her own and knows where she wants to go — or at least where she doesn’t want to go!

She’s quite pleased with this walking too. We took a walk (with the stroller) down to the El Cerrito Post office to send out a couple of packages, and on the way back, we finger walked for a few blocks. For a while there, though, Sam would stop every 8-12 paces, let go of our fingers, and applaud herself. It’s a good thing that was so cute though, because it made for some slow progress.