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The purging continues. This stuff will be sent to freecycle later this afternoon, but I wanted to give blog readers first dibs:

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Are you a computer tinkerer, or want to become one? Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot. I have a whole lot of computer things to give away including several working computers. Almost all of the computers are of the P3 500Mhz-800Mhz generation, though there is some deviation. Included are

  • 5 towers (some “mini”), 2 rack-mount machines (HP NetServer LPr’s) and one pizza box — A Sun Ultra 5! (one of the towers has been stripped for parts, but as far as I know, all of them either do or could work)

  • 4 keyboards (including one for the Sun)

  • Several mice

  • 2 sets of speakers including one nice Altec Lansing 2.1 system

  • Joystick

  • 2 monitors (17″ and 19″)

  • Lots of Cat 5 cables (even a spool of Cat 5 if you want!)

  • External modem

  • 10/100 Hubs (2 I think)

  • Memory (mostly PC100)

  • Video Cards

  • Lots of training CDs

  • More

The only thing is I want it all gone. If you only want some of it, take it all, take what you want then offer out the rest, but I need it out of here ASAP. Located in Altoona near PSU — strongly prefer pickup, but will consider close drop-off for special circumstances.

Also available FOR FREE — 2 pair skis with bindings, poles, 1 set of boots. Both pairs of skis are long (190-200 cm) — one pair appears to be shaped, the other is not. Only the bindings on the Atomic AL-7s are currently set to fit the boots (Caber Men’s size 13)

  • Atomic AL-7s (non-shaped) with Salomon Quadrax SerieS bindings

  • Dynastar Course SL with Marker M48 TwinCam bindings

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