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A reader suggested that maybe it had been far too long since I talked about my darling daughter. And yeah, she’s right, it has been. I’m stuck seeking part 2 of the virtual lives thing, and I didn’t want to interrupt the flow. But, oh well. Sam rocks. She came to watch me play soccer this evening. It’s so great to have her and mom there. Unfortunately, they are usually ready to go before I am, and since I bring the soccer ball and the cones, when I leave, the party’s over. Still, it’s worked out so far for the most part.

Sam continues to sit. She’s eating (so far, rice cereal, avocado and apple sauce). She’s mostly sleeping (last night sucked — she was up from about 01:00 to about 02:30 AM — but that’s been the exception). She’s babbling some (I’ll post audio soon.)

And, of course, she’s still gorgeous! New pictures are up to prove the point over in the gallery.