AC Capehart/“We” won.

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I had just finished a long phone conversation with my mom, and was talking it over with Carolyn when we heard what sounded like fireworks outside. I thought it wasn’t close enough to June to be fireworks season, and then it dawned on me. Maybe the Steelers had won the Superbowl. Altoona is close enough to Pittsburgh that this is considered “Steeler Country.” So, I went to and reported, “Yep, we won.” And then I chuckled and said, “Listen to me! ‘We.’ – Ha!

Clearly, I had nothing to do with the Steeler’s Superbowl victory. I’m not even enough of a fan to have even bothered to, you know, watch the game. When I was a kid, and vaguely cared about these things, I was a Cowboys fan. But only because they seemed to win a lot, and I liked supporting a winner. I remember that their big rivals at the time were the Steelers. The only thing I really knew about the Steelers then, besides, of course that they were the enemy, was that their helmets had the same symbol that was on our steel vacuum cleaner at the time — that of the American steel industry. Maybe that’s why I thought they ‘sucked’ — (sorry, really couldn’t resist, I’m weak, I know.)

So, that’s what it was. “We” won. I wonder how many people will be in Carolyn’s 9:00AM class tomorrow? 🙂