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When I was growing up, I didn’t have to worry about what my parents wrote about me. Neither of them wrote much. OK, my mom’s great about letters and cards, and my dad’s pretty good about postcards from key locations, or travel events. And I know my mom journals. But that kind of communication is, I think, fundamentally different from the public forum of blogging. As I continue to be a daddy blogger, I pay attention to others of the same ilk. While some, like dadblog have continued through the ever growing and changing process of childhood development, a number of others like Being Daddy and Trixie Update have hung up the towel, generally on the “privacy of my daughter” front.

I guess it comes down to consent. I generally ask Carolyn if I may post something about what she did, or said, unless I think it’s harmless. At what age will Sam understand what blogging is, and be able to give (and deny) consent reasonably? For that matter, at what age will I understand what blogging is?

I’ve also heard of other blogs simply “going private” so that friends and family can stay informed, but stalkers and predators have to be a little more ingenious in an effort to ply their perversions. I’m glad that it’s too soon to make that decision, and I guess that in many ways, it will be an ongoing one. But I’m glad that, at least for now, I get to be an open dad; Airing my daughter’s dirty laundry right along side my everlasting love for her.

Ooh, I also just came across The Blogfathers, which if you’re interested in Daddy Blogging, you should certainly also check out.