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Created Mon, 26 Dec 2005 03:06:11 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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More accurately, what days! It all started with the ill-fated early morning upgrade. I don’t even remember what all went wrong any more.

I burned my finger (not badly, just enough to sting for a bit).

I was using the sink in the basement of the in-laws office when it pulled away from the wall. I called for help (sure lucky I had my cell phone on me!). Carolyn and John both came to help. We manged to prop it up. In looking for the valve to shut off the hot water to the basin, I managed to shower myself with I-don’t-know-how-many-year-old water and crud. It seemed like whenever I came near Sam, she cried. I definitely had AC’s “awful, horrible, very bad, no good day(s).” Fortunately, they seem to be over.

We had a very nice Christmas, though with the fussiness of the Sam, we didn’t get to do some of the Christmas traditions I like and that were part of my childhood – especially the reading of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Still, Sam was good for almost all of the opening of the presents, etc. It was a bountiful year, which felt even more so because while Carolyn was holding Sam, I opened the presents destined for Sam, Carolyn and myself. We just finished a delicious Christmas dinner, and I’m about ready to collapse.

I hope you all also are having a wonderful holiday season. Look for more Sam photos to be posted when we get back to Altoona.