AC Capehart/Rock your baby to sleep

Created Sun, 18 Dec 2005 21:51:47 +0000 Modified Mon, 22 Mar 2021 01:42:32 +0000
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Yesterday afternoon/evening we rocked Sam to sleep. This was a little bit of a surprise. We knew that babies liked to be rocked, but we didn’t realize that it was true for both the sway gently side to side definition AND the play or dance to rock ‘n’ roll definition.

In this case, the three of us were dancing to Apache Indian’s Boom Shack-a-lak when she konked out. A few of my dance “moves” startled her awake — they would scare most anybody — but she would drift right back to a contented sleep.


The previous link is to an mp3 file, not an m3u play list, so you’ll probably need to download it first if you want to play it. I did this because I protected the content, and mp3 players handle web auth with varying degrees of success. You’ll need to use your choicywhiteboy username/password to access it.

I protected the content under the (mis?) impression that sharing an MP3 with a few friends — those who have logins on — counts as fair use, while simply publishing it on the open internet would be piracy, and that’d be bad.

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