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I was reading on The long tail, the blog authored by the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, that he doesn’t visit mainstream media sites directly any more. He gets all of his news filtered through a select (but large) group of bloggers, figuring that if it mattered, it would get blogged about, and so he’d come across it. I had a friend and office-mate that treated a few mailing lists that way. He figured that if it was interesting, funny, or noteworthy in some way, I’d mention it to him or forward it to him, or it would come up in some way. I don’t know for sure how well that strategy worked for him, but it must have done well enough, as I gather it is one he still empolys when he can.

This is, perhaps unfortunately, not yet a habit I have. Late-night feeding sessions, and a much shorter blogroll than that of the long tail caused me to seek mainstream news and took me to Carolyn’s myway page — a portal site that I turned her on to just after I quit using Yahoo as a portal, but before I quit using portals pretty much entirely. From there, I found the health news about moderate drinkers being less likely to be obese than either heavy drinkers or teetotalers.

Moderate drinkers show lower obesity risk – Diet & Fitness –

Despite the admonition in the article not to infer a causal relationship between moderate drinking and slenderness, I’m certainly tempted to try to drink away my excess weight. Of course, the even vaguely rational part of me is fully aware of the difference between correlation and cause. The two thing (better body weight and moderated drinking) could be correlated by having a similar cause — the ability (or tendancy) to be moderate in one’s intake, for example. Oh well. In other news, a new study links size to weight. Apparently, the larger you are, the more likely you are to also be heavy. %thunk%