AC Capehart/Gift mysteries

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I’ve been meaning to write about this first one for a while. In the early days of Sam, we received a lot of stuff. We’re (Carolyn’s) gradually making it through our thank-you note list, but one thing remains a mystery. And a fairly significant one too. We received a rocking chair. It was shortly after both Pop-pop and a family friend named “Jo” said they’d send gifts, but gifts from each of them came the same day or shortly thereafter. Those kinds of mysteries, I can live with and appreciate, so long as the giver intended them to be mysteries, and isn’t waiting impatiently for a thank-you that will never arrive. That said, maybe, maybe I’ll call the shipper and try to wheedle the buyer information out of them.

Today, we received a mysterious gift of labor. Someone plowed our driveway, and shoveled our walk. I guess I should check with the former owner. Maybe she had a snow-clearing contract that we don’t know about, and it wasn’t a gift at all. Of course, I slept through it because I got up around noon after last night.