AC Capehart/Exorcist Baby

Created Tue, 13 Dec 2005 18:51:39 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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If I’ve seen the movie, the Exorcist, it was a long time ago. As Carolyn will attest, I don’t have a head for movies. But some movies are cultural references as much as they are movies and the Exorcist is famous for the kid’s head spinning around 360 degrees.

Sometimes, I’m afraid that’s just what Sam’s head is about to do. We read somewhere that “80% of babies prefer to look to the right.” In googling the keywords there, I came up with “babies look to the right 80% of the time.” Regardless, Sam “prefers” to look to the right the way I “prefer” to breathe air instead of sulfuric acid. If she so chose, she could easily rest her chin on her right shoulder. I’m not even sure she could look that far left.

We do what we can to try to keep her balanced, but it still freaks me out just a little bit. Every time I put her down to sleep in the crib, I do it such that her head is turned to the left. Every time I pick her up out of the crib after her sleep, her head is turned to the right.