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Phew. The “official” mail will come out tomorrow (well, later today), but I thought a quick note here would be nice. Our baby girl arrived just before 1:00 AM on Sunday, Oct. 2. She’s a small one – I don’t have the length yet, Ca thinks she heard 17 inches – but she’s 5 pounds 4 ounces, we got to see that measurement take place. They were a bit worried about her right after birth, so they whisked her away for a while. I followed but was blocked at the nursery door ostensibly for sterility reasons, but probably more because they just didn’t want me hovering while they did their job. I certainly don’t blame them for that, but I was a nervous wreck standing out in the hallway trying to breathe my way calm. It was easier to coach Carolyn to do than to do myself-and that was just nerves!

Carolyn’s doing great, and holding the baby now. Now that we got her back from the initial rush off, we’ve had her ever sense. We’re delighted to have her with us both in the sense of having her in the room now, and having her in our lives. Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement.