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Mom-mom left this morning. And while my life isn’t really one Simpsons reference after another, it feels a little bit like the “Sherry Bobbins” episode where a Mary Poppins-esque figure comes to the Simpson home. By the end of her stay, they’re all neat, well-attired, and speaking with British accents. But, the very instant she steps out of the house, they’re suddenly twice as bad as before she came.

Truthfully, it’s not that bad (yet). But it was mighty nice to have “mom’s home cookin'” for dinner, to be able to take soiled baby-wear and just leave it on top of the washing machine, and to be able to program SamTrak or just sleep while mom-mom held Sam.

The good news is that grand-mère is coming tomorrow. Now, grand-mère is a very different person from Mom-mom, but that’s OK. She’ll bring her own set of strengths, and will doubtless be up for her own cuddle-time with Sam freeing up more nap times for dad.

So, a big thank you to mom-mom. Your help was invaluable. We look forward to your subsequent visit. I hope we manage to sleep in between now and then.

Sam’s doing pretty well. She’s proving to be a fussy eater. Or at least she fusses at the breast quite a bit. She takes the formula easily enough, but 1) we don’t want her on formula and 2) We have to be careful, because she’ll quite willingly suck down more than she can actually contain, causing her to spit it back up with gusto.

Despite the generosity of another faculty member who lent us a breast pump, after a little more reading about reuse of pumps (and trouble finding replacement parts) we decided to purchase one of our own. We chose the Ameda “Purely Yours” because it was cheaper than the “Pump In Style” but also received an “A” from the “Baby Bargains” people. The first session went OK, but didn’t produce as much as either of us expected. We’ll see how that goes as we get more used to it too.

I’m sure I have more to say, but since I actually have to cook dinner tonight (did I remember to say “Thank you” to mom-mom?), I should get back to that. One thing, though… If someone could find out the password for the “Computer Center Loaner” account on the loaner laptop (iBook G4) that Carolyn has during this maternity period, that would be a big help. It keeps wanting to install updates, and the usual bevvy of passwords (that I know about) don’t work. Of course, if you find out for me, please put it in an email, not a comment ;-). Thanks!