AC Capehart/Sam Update

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I know, it’s well past time for an update. What can I say? Busy day. So far, in Sam’s life, there has not been a day when she has not had to go to the hospital. Hopefully, tomorrow will break this trend. I think I mentioned before that we’ve got home health nurses coming twice a day to inject Sam with ampacillin. So far, the two nurses we’ve had have been exceptionally caring and considerate people. We do feel blessed with all the different forms of support we’ve been receiving, both personal and professional.

Last night, Carolyn got about 4 hours of sleep (divided in half), I got about 5 (also divided, but not as significantly). The thing is, that felt luxurious compared to the previous nights. The problem is not so much Sam’s sleeping. No, she’s really good at sleeping. The problem is twofold: We want to get things done, many doable only while she’s sleeping and we can’t bear to set her down. I feel like we’re getting conflicting messages on that front. Cuddling your baby gives them a sense of comfort and security that profoundly affects their world outlook the rest of their lives is one side of this coin. The other side is that each time she rests, she wakes up thinking that where she is is where she is supposed to sleep. So, if she wakes up in your arms, then you must be bed, and thus the only reasonable surface to go to sleep on. Another frustrating apparent contradiction is that we are supposed to “feed on demand every 2-3 hours.” Well, Sam doesn’t create demands that often. Left on her own, she’d probably go 4-5+ hours without waking to make a feeding demand. So, which is it? On demand or every 2-3 hours?

Sam had her first doctor’s appointment today. The blood work came back, and for the most part, things seem good. The pediatrician told us a whole host of “do this when that happens” things that will almost certainly have escaped us by the time that happens. You’d think they could write these things down for people who are suddenly thinking that 5 hours of sleep is luxurious.

While the blood work looked good, there was still some concern, though at this point, I can’t recall why. Regardless, the pediatrician ordered x-rays for little Sam. The thought of pumping x-rays through a 5-lb little human didn’t thrill Carolyn or me, but the doctor assured us it was fine. So, we went back to the hospital for x-rays. They did see some tiny speck in her lungs, and the home health nurse this evening said that since she knew to look for it, she could hear it, but had she not been looking for it specifically, she wouldn’t have caught it. She confirmed that the antibiotic course should clear it right up. So, we’re keeping up with the antibiotics for the full 7-day cycle. Sam’s not to fond of being pricked, but she gets over it.

If you’ve sent me an email with a question or request, I’ve ignored you. Sorry. Nothing personal. I’ll try to go back over my emails once things calm a little bit and get to those. I appreciate your patience.