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We have an “American Baby” magazine which has various developmental milestones for babies. One of the “Intellectual” milestones under the “1 Week” category is “Shuts out disturbing stimuli by lapsing into sleep.” This brought a couple of things to mind.

  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if this continued into adulthood? “Oh no! The Huns are invad…ZZZZZZZ

  2. I wonder if that’s why she falls asleep in my arms so readily? “Oh my god, what’s that smell? ZZZZZ

Sam now has her own home page and blog, though I’ll probably continue to do most of my updating here. Mainly because I’d be chagrined when my week-old daughter’s web stats quickly outpaced my own!

Finally, in the more detail than you could possibly want to know category, I announce the start of SamTrak. We’ve been instructed by the pediatrician to keep track of how much (and what) she eats, and how much (and what) she voids. I started with the waste side of the equation, which is what’s up there now. I’ll be working on the intake side shortly. In the meanwhile, we’re doing it in the old fashioned way. Pen and Paper. Ick. Besides, what could be better than telling the whole world about the latest poopy diaper? Never mind, don’t answer that.