AC Capehart/Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the hospital

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We made it home. I was pleased. It was starting to feel manageable. I was even pretty close to being in a situation where I could upload some pictures when the midwife called and said that the placental culture was back and it had tested positive for group B Strep. A little later, a nurse from Nason special delivery calls. The pediatrician is worried that Sam might have it too, so they need to draw blood to check that, but the test takes 48 hours, so she needs to get antibiotic shots every 12 hours between now and the return of the test results. And, while they’re drawing blood, they may as well do some other tests I’ve already lost track of. So, a little over 3 hours after we got home from the hospital, we head back there. Sam get blood drawn from each arm, and because she’s so small, they have to divide the antibiotic in half and put half in each thigh. On day 3 of life, she’s been stuck in 4 different places, and we can’t even explain to her why we are letting people hurt her like that. How frustrating!