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Sam will probably cringe and grimace when she gets old enough to read this and she sees the details I’m sharing about her first days. But that’s one of the key roles of parents-to embarass us beyond belief.

Today’s embarassing tale is about urine. We were worried that she simply wasn’t doing it. We change (or at least inspect) diapers with every feeding. We’ve seen a couple of really good poops, but no pee. We report this with increasing concern to the nurse(s) on duty. Finally, today we talk about it with the pediatrician while the shift-leader nurse is here and she goes back to check records, because she thought they would have mentioned something like that during the shift change. It turns out that Sam had peed twice, just never while in our care. She’d peed once when they had her back for some tests, and again this morning when we gave her up to nurse care to try to get a short rest between feedings. That said, she’s not been a cranky baby at all. Almost all the time we can identify the cause of the distress pretty quickly and take care of it. For comforting, she responds well to both of us.

Breast feeding is still problematic, though generally and gradually improving.

Thanks to those of you who have sent emails of congratulations and encouragement, especially those who have touted the benefits of patience and persistance in order to reap the rewards of breast feeding. I’ve read most of the congratulatory emails I’ve received to Carolyn and may post an anonomized list to the blog because we are so pleased by and thankful for the outpouring of support.

That reminds me, some people seem to have succeded in creating accounts for comments, while others have tried, but appear not to have succeded either by the absence of posts (or the presence of “it didn’t work” e-mails). At some point in the (probably quite distant) future, I’ll check into the server config to make sure all is well, but in the meanwhile, check your junk mail folder. It is possible that communication from my server wound up filtered out of your inbox.

Too much tech; back to baby. She lost a little weight today as is generally the case for the freshly born. She’s down to 5 lbs, 1 oz. Not a big enough drop to cause concern for anyone but me, it seems. It’s just so strange to me to have a human who weighs about a third of what our CAT does. (OK, kitty actually slimmed down a while back, but still!)

I want to find the guitar tabs to “What do you dream about?” by the Barenaked Ledies” so that Carolyn can sing a daughter-modified version of it to Sam. I thought it was a touching song even before we were trying to conceive. Today, I teared up just reading the lyrics.

I’m still supplimenting the breast feedings with special care formula fed through a tube taped to my pinkie finger. Look for tremendously cute pictures when my camera and computer are reunited.

Gotta go take more pix and then feed. I’m still hoping for a touch of sleep tonight too. I guess we’ll see.