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For reasons that I won’t go into here (If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll tell you later. If you’re really lucky, maybe you can guess.) I Googled on “PBF NSFW”. (OK, Actually, I A9’ed. I like saving money at Amazon). Anyway, the first link was just PBF archive. I went. I saw that “PBF” stood for “Perry Bible Fellowship”, and I stopped right there. After all, I had just done a Google (and yes, this time I mean Google) blogsearch on Altoona, and found the top entry was the Altoona First Southern Baptist Church Men’s Ministry Blog. I was set to be in the church mindset. So, after seeing the “ship” in “Perry Bible Fellowship”, I returned to the A9 search results. A little further down the page, I saw was a link to Waldo’s Site. I know Waldo from Charlottesville, though not well enough to call him a friend. But I really doubted he would put something like the Altoona First Southern Baptist Church in his “Recommended Reads” section, so I returned to the Perry Bible Fellowship with a slightly more open mind. I’m so glad I did. It’s comics, not religion, and it’s damn funny (to me, at least.) I’m including one of my favorites here in the hopes that it counts as “fair use” (If Nicholas Gurewitch wants me to remove it, I will. He doesn’t even have to pay his lawyer to contact me : ). Anyway, I devoured the whole archive. It’s high-larious. Check it out.

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