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No Internet access at the hospital. Will have to use my phone for subsequent updates. I really should have bought that keyboard for it. Oh well. We got checked in after a crazy afternoon of finishing packing and a quick meal at the local Mexican joint. Already, it’s far more medical than I was prepared for, though I mean it’s a hospital, I should have known. But she’s had 3 vials of blood drawn, I don’t even know for what. She’s got a setup for an IV (just in case). She’s had another exam, and been given the cervadil. She’s been told that they’ll have a sleeping drug for her tonight, and some morphine if she wants. We want to avoid those at this point, but we’ll see. I just have to keep reminding myself that going home with a healthy baby is the real exercise, and let go of the whole of our “birth plan”, and take what we can get. Hopefully, Ca will be asleep when I get back to the hospital tonight. Ciao.