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I’m quite accustomed to “Nigerian Scam Letters” I’ve been getting them for a long time. I’ve even played with the idea of taking the bait and toying with the scammers a-la those at 419 eaters. But in wasting their time, I’d also be wasting my own.

Today, however, I received a variant of the letter appealing to my desire to help Katrina victims:

From: graham Beale <grabeale66>



Subject: Hurricane Kathrina……….We can all help

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 06:39:55 -0400

Dear Friend

I am a top executive in one of the leading banks in London

I am writing to seek your cooperation over this business . In my

department, I discovered an unclaimed sum of GBP15,500,000 (Fifteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds) only, in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family in a plane crash that took place in Kenya, East Africa.The late Dr. George Brumley, a citizen of Atlanta, United States of America but resident here in London, United Kingdom, until his death was my personal physician.

See weblink

[blah blah blah, you be next of kin, we all make a lot of money]

If this interests you,kindly forward your tel,fax and email address to me for the way forward as regards the consumation of this deal,as i belief this will be of great help to the victims of the hurricane Katrina

Await your urgent response.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr Beale Graham