AC Capehart/Far Seeing Farside

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I meant to post this on the second instead of almost a week later. So, I’m going to back-date this one. Maybe you’ll see it, maybe not. Anyway, Gary Larson’s The Far Side is probably my second-favorite comic strip ever (behind Bill Waterson’sCalvin and Hobbes). During my junior year of college, I was an RA, and already pretty well acknowledged as a gamer much more than a studier. When this particular strip came out (10/15/90 apparently), some people thought it might resonate with me. Of course, at the time, I thought it was funny. I put it on my door. I forgot about it.

Then, I started my career in computer games. I worked for an awesome company that got eaten up by a decent company that then joint ventured with a really big company that I won’t say anything bad about because I might want to try to work there again one day. I never got to the 4-day work-week, or the Ferrari. Still, what was ludicrous fantasy in college became far closer to the truth than I imagined possible, much less actually hoped for. What do you dream of?