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We’re putting together a birth notebook to take with us to the delivery room filled with things from the practical (contact numbers, insurance information) to the baby-specific (birth plan, notes from Bradley class) to the relaxing (to help Carolyn through the experience without medication.) One of the things Carolyn picked out for me to potentially read to her were some passages from the Tao Te Ching. She picked a couple of my favorites. One of which I’ll share with you here:


Yield and overcome;

Bend and be straight;

Empty and be full;

Wear out and be new;

Have little and gain;

Have much and be confused.

Therefore wise men embrace the one

And set an example to all.

Not putting on a display,

They shine forth.

Not justifying themselves,

They are distinguished.

Not boasting,

They receive recognition.

Not bragging,

They never falter.

They do not quarrel,

So no one quarrels with them.

Therefore the ancients say, “Yield and overcome.”

Is that an empty saying?

Be really whole,

And all things will come to you.