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Created Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:15:32 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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OK. I’m declaring my blog “done enough” at this point. I’ve re-introduced the Google “AdSense” ads. Which, as I’m sure you know is important to my revenue plans for this site. I’ve earned an average of a little over 43 cents every month since I started Adsense. Of course, they don’t cut a check until you’ve accumulcated a credit of $100. At this rate, I’ll get my first check in 19.2 years. By then a pizza will probably cost about $100. So, Google AdSense will buy my kid a pizza when (s)he’s in college. Worth the trouble? Probably not. But then again, maybe my blog will be “discovered” by tons of people who are drawn in by relevant drywall ads.

I will be figuring out how I want to handle image-only posts. Maybe hello/picasa will start to work with WordPress. Maybe monkeys will start flying out my ass.

And I’ll be attending to comments. I notice that LiveJounral has started using something called OpenId. There’s a “WordPress plugin for OpenID”: — Maybe as that evolves, something like that will be usable. Of course, that only solves ID, not Trust, but I’m quite confident that commenters don’t want to create yet-another-account just for my blog, so I will continue to examine what sort of login options are available.