AC Capehart/Birth Meeting

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We met today with the local Bradley Method instructor. We were originally going to be attending a Bradley class, but she needed 3 couples to hold the course. So, instead we were going to have a little mini-tutorial. But then another couple contacted her (today?!?) and signed up. It’s a 12 week course. We have only about 5 weeks left before the due date (assuming the baby is neither tardy nor hasty.) So, we’re having mini-sessions. Today we mostly reviewed a big stack of reading material that she photocopied for us. We reviewed excercises that we have been doing less often than we should. She showed a notebook that her coach (husband) used. It had various affirmations, and relaxations. It seemed like a good idea. It’s yet another thing to do before we go to the hospital, but I think it will make our time there better, and more what we want. We wrote a birth plan recently too. If Carolyn doesn’t mind, I’ll post it once we’ve reviewed it with the midwives (and likely the Bradley instructor and Doula as well.)

The “trouble meter” on the home page marches inexorably onward. So much more I wanted to have done by now. Stuff with clients bubbles on in various states. My home network, while much improved isn’t where I wanted it to be. And even kid-inspired projects like the changing shelf and room painting aren’t yet complete. Can I get an extension? Pleeeaaassseee?