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Created Sun, 10 Jul 2005 19:52:53 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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(and wirelessed!)

The electrician has come and gone. And while he’ll be back, it should be just to put a space-saving breaker in my breaker box to split out the circuit that feeds the computer UPS. And so, we’re taken care of. In the two bedrooms upstairs, we have 2 data ports, one phone and one cable TV. We have 3 data and 1 cable in the den (that reminds me, I should go ahead and pre-order my Xbox 360), 2 data in the living room, one in the entry hallway for the wireless access point, and each of us has 3 data lines and one phone line for our desks in our basement office space.

Pulling the cable through the house was a bit of a pain in places (see Backup, I need backup), but it was a good experience to have. I suspect I would still hire a professional if I needed to do it again, though I’m much more comfortable around the house generally. I’ve taken off panelling in places, I’ve patched some of the holes that the electrician created, and will finish the rest of them off shortly. I just have a much better sense of how this house is put together.

We still haven’t finished the unpacking, nor have I finished my move-in to-do list which will probably extend until the birth of the child when a whole ‘nother, life-long set of to-do’s will take over. But this one item that’s been hanging over me is done. The machine room (née furnace room) is in pretty good shape. I’m pleased. And I’m ready to return to my online world. Which is good. I’ve got a couple of clients growing somewhat impatient, and I’ve missed blogging (writing and reading).

It was interesting. I’m glad to be done.