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Today I painted Cider Toddy, Midnight Bonfire and primer. Yesterday, I painted Midnight Bonfire and primer. Monday, I painted primer. Today marks the last day of Chocolate Milk. Chocolate Milk is what had been on the walls in the entry-way, living room and dining room in our new house. I think I described it as Salmon in an earlier post. It still seems a little too pink to be Chocolate Milk, but it is probably a little too brown to be Salmon. Whatever it is, it’s gone now. Except for in the interior of the coat closet in the entry way. I left it there to remind us of what has gone before us (and because it would be a pain to change.)

The midnight bonfire is bright. But it’s not just yellow. I has enough orange in it to have some flavor. I think it makes the living room bright and inviting. I like it. The cider toddy is darker, but also full-bodied. I think it should make warm, friendly dining space. But since it’s going over (white) primer, it’ll definitely need 2 coats. Maybe even a third to even it out.

Painting is a lot of work. I’d forgotten that (if I ever really knew it.) I thought I’d be done by today, or Friday at the latest. (We’re taking tomorrow off to go to Pittsburgh for Carolyn’s birthday.) I may be done with the walls by the end of Friday, but I’ll still have all the trim to do.

I’m still feeling good about this house. Because I always knew that the Charlottesville house was temporary living quarters, I never really did much to personalize it (crappy loft aside). I like feeling unfettered to mark and modify this place. It’s probably good that the walls are plaster instead of drywall, or I’d probably have ripped huge holes in them by now since I know how to fix drywall! I’d probably have had a reason for the huge holes. Probably.

I’m looking forward to getting moved in. Though our originally planned move date of the 9th is in jeopardy because I don’t know when we’ll be able to get an electrician to help me pull network cables. Did I mention plaster walls? Aah well. All in due time.

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