AC Capehart/Backup, I need backup!

Created Wed, 29 Jun 2005 15:14:15 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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Before we moved in, I had called a couple of electricians for estimates — I want to run data wiring (and phone and cable) to many of the rooms. Said electricians came by the house, eventually, one called me back and gave me a price and a schedule. It seemed pretty reasonable, though later than I wanted. I’d assumed they could have it done before we moved in. Oh well. So, an electrician showed up on Monday. Tuesday, he came by to say he couldn’t come by — emergency calls elsewhere. Today, he’s here, but he has other calls he also has to go on today. The house is in shambles (though mostly just in the basement.)

I’ve been helping out best I can. He’s run fishing chain from one level to the next, and I’ve been at the top pulling and slapping the chain around so he can try to find it from the bottom. He drilled two large holes below one of the walls. And still we can’t get the chain. Finally, he got backup. An older gentleman is here to lend a hand. I just heard him explaining some offset problem. Fishing cables through a house is fun in concept. In practice, fishing cables through my house has been a royal pain in the ass. They won’t finish today, and today’s a day later than they originally estimated. But at least for the moment, there’s a team of them. Not as good as a swarm of them (though probably much cheaper than a swarm), but more confidence-inspiring than a single fella’ out here trying to make do best he can.

Surprisingly, this too will pass. Only this delay delays me in other ways I’m not happy about. I’m now blowing an estimate for a client of mine. I thought I was going to be in and settled at least a week and a half ago. And I probably have a week more to go!