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On our way out the door this morning to get an ultrasound and have a prenatal appointment we got a phone call. The call was the OB/GYN canceling our prenatal appointment. Some other woman had the audacity to go into labor and take our midwife away during OUR appointment time. The nerve of some people, I tell you!

We did, however, still have the ultrasound appointment. It’s a little bit early (19 weeks instead of ~21-22 weeks) because we declined the triple screen, and because of our impending travel. We haven’t had a professional review of the ultrasound pics yet, but what we saw looked good. We got to watch the ultrasound technician take various measurements. We got to see spine, hands and feet, bladder and stomach, heart (with all 4 chambers!), hear the heartbeat, etc. In response to something the tech said about what she was doing, Carolyn said, “You must have the best job in the hospital, huh?” to which she replied, “Yes, but sometimes everything’s not right and then I have the worst job in the hospital.” I used that to infer that everything is all right with us.

Once again, we got a couple of take-home ultrasound pictures labeled for our convenience. You’ll see, even baby’s butt is labeled on one of them! We declined for the ultrasound technician to try to determine the sex of the baby. As Carolyn has pointed out, the child will have a whole life being gender-identified. 9-months of being in a “maybe state” or Schrodenger-like uncertainty is, perhaps, not such a bad thing.

Baby’s growth seems right on target. Our working due date is 10/5/05 (ooh, and today is 5/10/05!). According to measurements taken of his/her femur compared to the baseline ultrasound, the predicted due date is 10/3, so growth seems right on schedule. It’s nice to get to see this picture of baby, and to get to share them with you!