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Through another randomish web walk, I came upon someone’s home page that had various Gay & Lesbian support banners, and included a(n incorrect) link to “The Equality Project”. Seeing that, I thought that gay pride was under-represented on my web page. I was looking for a rainbow icon, and a reasonable place to link it to when I came across the “Homo Depot”. Just the name cracked me up and they have lots of interesting fridge magnets, buttons etc. OK, and leather, and all sorts of other things.

I like the idea behind the “straight but not narrow” pro-gay slogan for “the rest of us”, but a gay college friend pointed out that even the use of the word “straight” privileges heterosexual — anything not “straight” being deviant, kinky, etc. Now, I’m not so sure. Straight also implies rigid, inflexible. Besides not narrow would be, what, thick? Somehow, I don’t think straight and thick would catch on the same way. And it would probably only be a compliment in a certain context. 🙂

There’s a story I like very much, though I have no idea of its veracity. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark, there came a time when the Nazis required that the Jewish citizens wear the yellow star. The next day, on his traditional horse-ride through the streets of Copenhagen, the King wore a yellow star. His example was followed by many other non-Jewish Danes thus removing the power of the ordinance to identify Jews while still obeying it.

OK, a little web research indicated that the Queen of Denmark was quoted as saying, “It is a beautiful and symbolic story, but it is not true.”

Still, today I wear my gay pride colors, and I celebrate diversity!