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Well, after much back and forth, we have an agreement to buy the house. It should be a happy occasion, and truthfully, it mostly is. But I’m still a bit pissy about $250.00. That’s right. We’ve come to an agreement on approximately $150,000, and I’m pissy about $250.00. Let me break it down for you.

First, the seller is an old lady. A recent widow who’s lived in that house since 1973. We knew up front that her kids were going to be involved to help her with the sale. That’s what kids are for (among other things, I hear).

So, list price was $155K. We offered $145K. They countered $149.5K. We countered $148K. They said “Not less than $149K”, We said “OK”

We thought we had a deal.

Then the agent called back and said that the owner had talked with her kids, and the kids had approved $149.5K, and the offer for $149 had been made without the kids. In subsequent discussion, the kids said “No. You shouldn’t go below $149.5K.” She called back and rescinded our verbal agreement for $149. The kids pushed her into rescinding her agreement over 500 dollars. 500 fucking dollars! So, we said “No.” Actually, we told our agent that $500 was not a deal breaker, but that she should push back. We didn’t feel that we were being treated fairly. So, she called back later. They all (I assume) agreed to meet us in the middle of that $500. So, we’ve now agreed to $149,250. $250. That’s 7 fills of my gas tank. It’s like 25 pizzas. It’s zero point one seven percent of the purchase price. And yet it rankles me.

I guess I should thank them. Thank them for the opportunity to practice letting go. I just wish I were better at it. I hope it’s not a preview of things to come for the rest of the closing. Are the kids just “looking out for mom”? Or are they greedy little fucks out to make my life hell? I guess only time will tell.