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Created Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:40:43 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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Already, I’m glad I entered the Google AdSense program. I’ve been crawled by googlebot a fair amount recently, but apparently, they still don’t have enough info to put together real ads for my page(s). Instead, I can either run a background color (which I had been doing) or public service announcements for which I don’t get paid. As you can see, as of this writing at least, I’m now doing the latter.

Also, today, Carolyn and I are going looking at a house that’s For Sale By Owner (FSBO) here in Altoona. In fact, it’s just a couple of blocks away from where we live now. The neighborhood looks like it would be OK, though still no mansion park. There’s a house that excites us that’s two houses down from the Baker Mansion. We could probably afford it, but we’d have to blow through pretty much all of our savings to do that — something I’m more reluctant to do now than when I was when I bought my first house 10 years ago.

The FSBO we’re seeing today appears to back up to another lot that’s wooded with no house on it. I’d love to buy it as well preserving the little bit of remoteness that it affords in a town where many houses are 2-feet apart if that. (See

So, while I’m fantasizing about finding a home for my immediate family, the wooded lot behind the place we’re seeing today and the public service ad that appeared next to the blog entry when I just turned the ads back on led me to think about providing a home for wildlife as well. I think that what the National Wildlife Federation is doing is really smart — an excellent example of think globally, act locally. They’ve set up a Backyard Habitat Wildlife Program to encourage people to set up suitable wildlife habitats in their back yards. And like Folding@Home, they also issue certificates! And you can get a little sign to put in your yard, and they’ll issue a press release to your local paper. It’s cute. Personally, I’d do it for the beautiful and critter-active back yard, but who doesn’t like a little pat on the back?