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I suppose that one never really knows what one’s impact on the world will be.

In anticipation of heightened traffic as bk’s blog readers were notified of the existence of my blog, I installed awstats. I had done that a few machines ago, but at the time doing even a basic config for a web server was a PITA. Or, at least I thought it was then. Now, it’s pretty trivial, and I’ve lumped all my * hosts into a single log file, so I can look at it all.

Mostly, it wasn’t interesting, because mostly, people don’t come to my website. I mean really, my “hopefully temporary” home page with just a picture of me is now, what, 6 years old?!? That’s several web lifetimes. In fact, I have several interesting things up like my wiki (mentioned earlier), my now similarly outdated flight line, my pictures, my journal from our Ireland trip, heck, even this blog! But just no framework to hang it on. And really, how many people are going to care enough about any of this stuff to link into it. “Yeah, I got this buddy, and he like went to Ireland, and took pictures and wrote about it.” — Just not the kinda thing my friends tend to put up on their own web pages.

<img src="/images/blog/pub.jpg" 322="" alt=“A pub in Galway” align=“right” border=“0” width=“400” />

So, imagine my surprise when I saw all sorts of links into my web from various livejournal users. Bloggers (other than bk!) were linking into my web! A little bit of research turned up what it really was. While on our trip to Ireland, I took some pictures. I scanned them in, or had them digitized with development and posted them with my journal. One of them was of a pub in Galway (see the picture above). The pub was interesting to me because the proprietor’s name appeared to be Stephen J. Fahy. Fahy would have been Carolyn’s last name had her Grandfather not changed it after too much teasing from WWI comrades. I also thought the name was cute. “Hole in the Wall”. Well, I don’t know how the first person came across it, but someone made a collection of photos from the British Isles and made a blog entry with them entitled “my future.” Several of his or her friends decided it was also their future. So, my gift to the blogging community is not my prose filled with wit, zen, tech, love and insight. No, it’s a picture of a pub in Galway.