AC Capehart/Another Redesign

Created Sat, 19 Feb 2005 18:26:59 +0000 Modified Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:31:47 +0000
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A couple of days ago, my wife saw my new home page on her computer. As a mac user, she’s used to sites not really being designed with her in mind, so she called me over to ask “It is supposed to look like this?”

Unfortunately, it was. It looked just like I had intended it to look. It may be clear at this point, that though I’ve spent just about all of my adult life in front of a computer, a web designer I am not. In her suggestions for improvement, she said something like “Well, you know, the gray, it just, umm.. looks ugly“.

So, I’ve been redesigning my site again. I was inspired by the “rounders” blogger template. The number of things that one can do now with stylesheets amazes me. To give you some sense of where I am, I haven’t ponied up the money for Photoshop CS (8) yet. Nor even Photoshop 7. Come to think of it, not even Photoshop 6. I’m still on Photoshop 5! I know, I should really give gimp a try again. Last time I did, I just kept looking for Photoshop tools that weren’t there. I have a hard time breaking habits — another blog entry in the future will detail this some more.

Anyway, I’ve re-re designed. I have a new home page, and I tried to tie in the look of the blog and the home page, though I decided to leave them as separate style sheets. Maybe I’ll wax poetic on how freakin’ amazing style sheets are in the wiki. I’ve still got some updating to do with the stylesheets, etc. But it’s better enough to make live.