AC Capehart/Fairyland

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We’ve been making an “outgoing” chart to help Sam, in social situations, to be more, well, social. She’s been doing a good job, and recently completed said chart so as a reward, we’re going to Fairyland in Oakland. This morning, we were talking about the day and she said she was going to go as a fairy. Because it’s fairy land. Mom asked what Mom and Dad should go as.

Sam: “Mommy should go as a carrot.”

Mom: “A carrot?!? And Daddy? What should Daddy go as?”

Sam: “A tomato!”

Another notable conversation from today:

Sam: “Have you been to the middle of nowhere?

Mom: “I don’t know where it is.

Sam: “It’s even farther than Australia. You have to fly over Thailand and Australia to get there. It’s even farther than Gibraltar!”

–Dad (now dressed in red)