AC Capehart/Trying Flock, Sliding Sam

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At SIGGRAPH, one of the area chiefs for the Guerilla Studio raved about Flock, so I thought I’d try it out.  This is a post initiated from within Flock on the “Post to my blog” button.

Also, a little Sam update.  Today, she did two new slides by herself at the playground at Canyon Oak Trail.  One tall and twisty, the other shorter but steep and enclosed, aka “the tunnel.”  Previously, she’d refused to do this without holding someone’s hand and since neither is at all conducive to hand-holding, she’d simply not done either before.  Today she did both.  She also talked with an almost-7-year-old who came over to the play structure.  It wasn’t much give and take, but she talked about the things she saw or knew (“Daddy has gray shoes. That’s green.”)  We thought it neat that she would engage this other girl.

Other cute things.  Sam still doesn’t get the difference between “to be” and “to have” and has started to express an interest.  Unfortunately, this means that a new common  phrase is “Daddy has a man!” Also, she knows “ing” means action, but she doesn’t always put it in the right place.  Now, I’ve forgotten the specific example, and I’ll have to update this entry after the fact, but it’s something like “Daddy, stand upping!”

[UPDATE 2007-08-17] I’ve heard it a few times now, and made note of it. “Daddy, clean upping?” (actually, it was Mommy who was cleaning up, maybe it was an instruction, not a query?), and “Puppet wake upping!” (When we’re tired of playing with the puppet — who’s main role in life seems to be to spit out a baby doll bottle Sam feeds it — we put it to “bed” in a kitchen drawer, and tell Sam it’s asleep.)