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There was a time when it was perfectly normal to set an alarm to wake Sam up to feed between 2 and 3AM. At the time, those days seemed eternal, stretching out for miles. The notion of sleeping through the night too dim to even imagine in the distance. And then, of course, things changed. Now I am all too happy to forget that old routine.

Here’s our current routine at Mom-mom and Granddaddy’s:

Sam wakes sometime around dawn and nurses back to sleep

Sam is up for the day around 8AM and nurses again.

Mom-mom gives Sam her supplement bottle, cereal, and fruit while I eat breakfast and take a shower.


Car ride down to Mom-mom and Granddaddy’s office to visit Camus and give him his medicine.

Morning errands or stay at the office and play with Camus

Back home for a nap — often 2-3 hours! while I get lunch, check email, do laundry, write, etc.

Nursing, followed by supplement, followed by fruit or veggies


Mom-mom and Granddaddy arrive home from work

Pre-dinner nursing (along with a stealth nap)

Dinner (usually veggies and meat) followed by

Dinner Theater (Sam watches us eat while we watch her play at eating cooked spaghetti, or pieces of potato, or lately whole wheat crackers.)

Playtime with Mom-mom and Granddaddy while Mom spends time with Camus

Evening snack around 8PM (supplemental bottle, plus cereal and fruit)

Bath & 1 book

Final nursing for the night


Playtime used to center around toys and other objects. Now it’s all about crawling and getting into things. Heat vents are fascinating, as are books and cds on low shelves, cat toys, cat food bowls and their contents, newspapers and magazines, Mom-mom’s coupon box, anything under the bed, and of course the cat. Last evening Sam chased Ren (Mom-mom and Granddaddy’s cat) all the way from the kitchen down to the family room, up the hallway and into the living room. Ren stayed well ahead of her, looking both curious and agast: “It’s bad enough this little furless thing has usurped my toys and my people’s attention, but now she can locomote on her own? Are you SURE this isn’t a cat?”

This morning Sam crawled right up to Camus, who stood his ground and let her briefly touch his whiskers before turning away in a huff. We’ll see how he reacts when we’re all together in the same house, in the same town, in the same state next week! Five more days until AC returns and we spend our last week in Altoona.