AC Capehart/Pediatric Nightmare

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OMG. I really can’t believe what a nightmare this has become. Because Sam might have group b strep, we’ve had to take her to the ER. We had to take her in only a few hours after we brought her home. (It’s a half hour drive.) We had to take her in again this morning. We did. While we were there, the head nurse from “Special Delivery” came by. She said she thought it was stupid for dead-tired parents to drive a half an hour in each direction, and take a 3 to 4 day old, undersized baby into an emergency waiting room full of sick people twice a day. We whole-heartedly agreed with that assessment. The head nurse called the head of the pediatric practice to get Sam a 24-hour dose of antibiotics so that we would only need to come in once per day. That worked great, and since we already had a 1:00 appointment for tomorrow with the Pediatrician, we’d just go in a little before that and only make one trip down tomorrow.

Then, later in the day, our pediatrician called and said “good news”, someone from a home nursing agency would come by to give Sam her medicine. So, sure enough, around 7, a home-nurse comes and asks us for the medicine. WE don’t have the medicine. Nobody gave US any medicine. The home nursing agency doesn’t (can’t?) carry any medicine. So, at that point it looks like we’ll have to go back to the hospital.

I call our pediatrician who says she didn’t realize that they nursing agency couldn’t carry the medicine. So, the pediatrician says she’ll call around to try to find the medicine for us, the home health care nurse leaves. In the meanwhile, we look through our records to try to find out what it was she got this morning. It seems to us that if she got 24-hour medicine this morning, then surely she could last until tomorrow morning. It’s not in our records. I call the ER, it’s not in their records either. I’m forward to medical records, and they’re going to look it up and call us back. While the doctor is apparently calling around, another home health agency van pulls up. They deliver the medicine. We’re still concerned about overdosing, so we call the pediatrician back. She says it’s OK to have both. Then the home health nurse returns. She confirms that in her experience multiple (different) antibiotics is fine, even for ones this small. She administers the shot though she has to be careful – the needle attached to the syringe is long enough to go in the top of the thigh and out the bottom!

Now, Sam’s nursing. Ca’s milk is coming in which is a relief to all, though I’ll still supplement after feedings – at least until we’re sure we’re more into a safe zone with her weight. The home health nurse is still here finishing paperwork. We’re less freaked out, but still. Day 4 is a day full of drama. I hadn’t thought about it, but days are like years. She’s in her 4th day, therefore she’s a 3 day old. Poor little girl. Poked and prodded, still getting accustomed to how to eat. Parents who are exhausted. A rocky start to what I’m sure will be a great and fulfilling life.

We originally decided to stay with Nason pediatrics because that’s where the pediatrician is who saw her from the first moments of life. We’ve been less than pleased with their communication with us, and apparently also their intra-office communication. Plus, you know, I may have mentioned the drive. Still, switching offices could be problematic too. Grumble.