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Update: Fixed day of week. (thanks bk) Apparently sleep deprivation also means inability to actually read a calendar. Pretty funny when you consider the nature of this post.

Being that we now live in a proper neighborhood, complete with neighbors, and now that we have a kid, it seems like it is time to start participating in the whole Halloween thing again. We bought a great deal of candy. We turned on our front porch (and lamp post) lights. We carved a pumpkin and lit the jack-o-lantern with a candle. 3 kids came. Count them, 3.

But “what’s this” you may be thinking to yourself. Why did 3 kids come. Isn’t today THURSDAY? Isn’t Halloween on MONDAY this year? You know, Monday the 31st? Well, yes, technically Halloween is still next Monday. But if you live in Altoona, Trick-or-treat is on Thursday. To be more precise, Trick or Treat is between 6:00 and 8:00 PM on Thursday. I have not yet read the actual statute to find out what happens should you trick at 8:01 PM, or treat at 5:59.

This astounds me. I’m used to trick-or-treat being part of (and therefore ON) Halloween. In my later trick-or-treat days, I’d go around town as late as I could still find houses with lights on. People who grew up here take this strange state of affairs for granted. To me, it seems like, “Yeah, Christmas is Dec. 25th, but you have to open your presents on the 23rd.”

Oh, and if you want some butterfingers, tootsie rolls or nestle crunches, look me up. I’m keeping the peanut butter cups for myself though.