AC Capehart/Call for Aid

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I don’t like to ask for help. I was raised to be an independent and self-sufficient individual, given more freedom and responsibility than most my age. This is doubly true when what I ask for help on is something that I am not only capable of doing myself, but should have already done. And it’s still the more true when I’m asking of a community of friends who have already been so incredibly generous. Still, I’m going to swallow my pride and ask. I’m referring to Sam’s nursery.

I had a rough idea for some of the things I wanted to do for the nursery, and I had talked it over with a friend and art professor, Rebecca. She seemed to like the idea, and offered to help. Only I got busy with work projects, other things around the house, increased time commitment due to weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests, etc. The nursery did not get done. In fact, it barely got started. I got a bunch (but not all) of the wall paper down, and stalled.

Well, Rebecca emailed me recently with a generous offer. She said that when it is convenient for you Donna and I or a crew of us can come and do Sam’s room Trading Spaces style. So, I’m now recruiting said crew and in particular a crew chief/operations manager for the project. Someone to make sure that the simple things related to a bunch of people working together are taken care of — make sure people have food. Make those last-minute runs to Lowes for that fastener that I was sure we had enough of, etc. So, if you work well with Rebecca (and who doesn’t?) and don’t mind this sort of coordination effort, let me know. Similarly, if you’d like to be on the crew, let me know. I’ll compile a list to hand off to Rebecca and the TBD crew chief.

I should mention the timing on this… I expect that it won’t be convenient for us until Sam’s at least 6 weeks old. I have in my mind that something magical happens at 6 weeks. At that point, we will be sleeping through the night. We’ll have developed a rhythm. We’ll be in a groove. Sam’ll be growing by leaps and bounds. We’ll understand her cries and be able to readily meet her needs. My plan is to continue living this fantasy until 6 weeks at which point, we’ll see. 🙂

Finally, I reiterate my thanks. I’m confident I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating how amazed and touched I am at the community that Carolyn and I find ourselves in here in Altoona, and with PSU Altoona in particular. Thank you.