AC Capehart/Tarheel of the Week

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My Dad was recognized by the Raleigh News and Observer as their Tar Heel of the Week this week. From the article, I enjoyed the quotes most because I can really hear his voice in some of those phrases. Things like “You enter into a whole new concept by going back to what used to be.” I assure you his hands were parallel and up by his head as he was saying that. Emphasizing the mind-expanding nature of Rail-Trails. It’s neat when people find their passions. bk has his economics. My dad has his Rail-Trails. OK, they can get a little…focused? myopic? intense? but really, I’m happy for them. And I am pleased when they get recognition, because I get to see what they put into it all the rest of the time.

My dad, Al (or AL as he writes it), didn’t really find the Rail-Trail thing until just about the time I headed off for college. At the time, North Carolina didn’t have a single foot of Rail-Trail, nor a statewide organization to promote them. (As a point of comparison, Pennsylvania has close to 1000 miles of Rail-Trails with another 600 miles or so in planning stage.) Still, I doubt I’ve had even just a phone conversation with my dad where Rail-Trails didn’t come up in some way or another.

Congratulations, Dad. I’m proud of my Tarheel of the Week! 🙂