AC Capehart/Pediatrician Schmediatrician

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We started the hunt for pediatric care today. Actually, we started a while ago, but we met our first potential pediatrician today — a Dr. Delbaggio with “Blair Medial Associates”: She seemed friendly and competent, but Blair Medial Associates is one of those large medical-industrial complex places. During the course of the interview we learned that we’d be among the 10,000 patients that they currently service. How can you have a personal, caring relationship with 10,000 people?

The converse, of course, is how can a small (and presumably more personal) office have access to the latest technologies and research equipment? At least BMA is close to us, and comes recommended by Carolyn’s staff assistant. The question now for me is how much more to search. As discussed back in “Pro Choice”: my goal is movement toward being a “satisficer.” Can I be satisfied with BMA? We liked that they see 3 patients per hour — I was scared by something I read in The Expectant Father by Brott & Ash where some pediatricians see as many as 6 patients per hour. We like that they have a trained nurse who can answer our non-emergency calls during office hours. It sounds like their phone system is a bit of a nightmare, but we got the definite impression that we should just leave a message and expect a return call. We’ll see if that bites us in the future.