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It’s not that I’ve meant not to blog. For about the first week or so of my blog absence, we were traveling. First to Philadelphia. There we met up with Ca’s parents and went up to NYC to celebrate the engagement of Carolyn’s brother John to his girlfriend Rika. Then out to Champaign, IL where we got a brief driving tour of the campus by my uncle Cam who’s undergrad and law degrees both came from there. Mainly, we were there to visit with my grandmother. I think we hadn’t seen her since our wedding, and our lives are about to get more complicated. And while she’s healthy and fairly lucid, she is 92, and that’s getting on up there.

Then, after we got back, I lost another blog to a crashed firefox when I was trying to do too many other things, and we’ve been busy with house and baby stuff.

But, that’s exactly when I should be blogging.

So, in brief: We had a reasonable idea of our closing costs, so we had my financial advisor (with H&R block) transfer the money to my Bank of America account. But I hardly use that account any more. It’s mainly there to make payments relating to the townhouse in Virginia that we still have. So, I moved the money over to E*Trade where we do most of our banking now, and promptly ceased to worry about it. Recently, it occurred to me that I probably couldn’t just show up to closing with a personal check so I confirmed that we do, indeed need some form of certified funds. So, I called E*Trade trying to get a certified check. No dice. The first customer support person I talked to didn’t know what a certified check is. How do you work customer support for a bank and not know what a certified check was? I called back later, and at least got confirmation that, no, they don’t do certified checks. But, they could initiate a wire transfer. But that costs $25. I thought about setting up a “quick transfer” to the checking account that we have with the bank through which we have our mortgage. But while the transfer may be quick-ish, the setting up process… well, it’s still not done.

So, today, the day before closing, I try to initiate a wire transfer. I need to fill out a form, and fax it in. But I find out (at literally 12:01 PM EDT) that the fax had to be in by 12:00 for it to happen that day. I’d thought it was 2:00 PM, but no, that’s for the brokerage accounts, not the bank accounts.

I finally call and get someone truly helpful. She cancels the fax request, has me quick-transfer the money into my brokerage account and then she initiates the wire from the brokerage account. I have e*trade confirmation that it’s been processed. But the closing company never called today to say that they’d gotten it. We’re still a little worried about having the money there at closing.

We also had the walkthrough today. It was pretty good. We didn’t realize that what had appeared to be a beige carpet was in fact a reddish-brown one that had been so sun-beaten as to appear beige. Only when some of the more stable furniture had been removed did we determine this. Now, replacing the carpet has been added to our “to do at some point, but not before we move in” list. All in all, the house is in really good shape. It’s been lovingly cared for " a tradition I hope to live up to. But there are some oddities; A metal plate covering where an intercom had been, a back porch light that can’t be on the same time as the fan on the back porch, etc.

We also went to visit Nason Hospital in Roaring Spring, PA. I may have mentioned earlier that we prefer the care of a midwife for our delivery process to the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am efficiency of (most) doctors. We’ve been working with the midwives in Altoona — associated with Dr. Littlejohn’s office. So far, it’s been great. But, in the merger between the two Altoona hospitals, the new entity does not allow midwives for birthing. So, we have a choice of either driving north to Tyrone, or south to Roaring Spring. We’ve gotten a lot of subtle hints and recommendations that Nason is better, so we went to tour there. They’ve got 7 OB beds in a 42 bed hospital. How in the world does a hospital stay afloat with a total of 42 beds?! Anyway, they have “LDRP” rooms. The mother stays in the same room for Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post-Partum. Since the only other sleeping-space in the room is a lazy-boy-ish chair, I hope that Dad goes home to sleep at nights. Though, I guess we’ll “play it by ear”.

I’ve also started to do a little work for “Rock and Snow”: working on integration of their e-commerce solution with their POS system. (In this case, I actually do mean Point Of Sale, though the other meaning for that TLA may also be true.) It’s good to have some external work again, but what timing.

Anyway, that’s the snippit for now. I have a few more contemplative (rather than newsy) blogs in the brain pipeline. I hope to kick the unblogging habit soon.