AC Capehart/Camtoons and Motorcycles

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A website entirely unrelated to the content of this blog entry provoked the entry. I cracked up at this guy’s “camtoons”, and thought that I really needed to share ’em. I guess I’ll add them to funny in my wiki too. But the way I found that guy’s camtoons was from his page where he had linked to a picture of his motorcycle. You see, I’ve been lusting after a new motorcycle since… well, pretty much since I sold my previous motorcycle in the move to Altoona.

My previous bike, a 1995 Kawasaki ZX6, was going to need some work. The chain was rusty. And it was loud, oh so loud. We were moving to a place where winter was too long. There’d be no room in the garage. My main riding buddy quit some time ago after he was seriously injured on his bike – sideswiped by a vehicle crossing several lanes of traffic at once. It just didn’t make sense to move a third vehicle. I sold the motorcycle.

I get up to Pennsylvania, and one of the first things Carolyn and I do is to go on a hike with a few Altoona faculty. During the hike, I talked with Steve only to find out that he’s an avid motorcyclist with a motorcycling history as long as mine! One of the computer science profs can’t stop talking about how excited he is to have recently discovered motorcycling. I hear tell that one of the associate deans is a long-time motorcyclist. And now that Spring is here, I really have the itch.

I could make some rationalizations about fuel economy and the price of gas these days. But the long-and-short of it is that motorcycling costs money. And so do so many other things I want to do (flying, computer upgrades, entertainment center upgrades, furniture upgrades, etc.) It’s a shame I haven’t yet figured out a way to better earn money doing the work that I love. (And still have time for all those other things I want to do.) I’m still vaguely hopeful for the CIO-ship at Altoona. But recent changes within the Penn State system, and continued budgetary constraints keep that hope vague indeed. The future is quite cloudy. And kid clouds it more. I’m afraid that soon I’ll have no money and no time!