AC Capehart/A grand day out

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(with apologies to Wallace & Gromit for the title.)

Today was my birthday, though I pretty much used the whole weekend to celebrate.

Yesterday, I borrowed a motorcycle from a friend of a friend (how cool is that!?!) and went for a motorcycle ride with about 8 others in a motley collection of motorcycles (only 2 were even from the same manufacturer!). We headed south from Altoona along twisty back roads and found ourselves (with a little bit of searching) at the Road Kill Café. Oh boy was that a treat. And easy on the wallet to boot! All told (including an unintentional detour into Maryland, we figure we did approximately 170 miles or so.

Today started with Sunday brunch at Tom & Joes, an Altoona tradition since 1933. Another place with lots of good, cheap food! After a short break spent mainly daydreaming about what kind of motorcycle I get to have next, we headed to see “Everybody’s Favorite Hometown Team” — The Altoona Curve, where we were joined by friends. I would say that it is double-A baseball at its finest, but after being shut out by the Erie Seawolves when we saw them on Friday night, and having been beaten again by Erie 11-1 Saturday… it might be a bit of a misnomer. They were again trounced 11-2. I’m sure that the curve are glad that today ends the series against Erie. Their next series is against the Akron Aeros.

From there we retired to Sakura Japanese Steak House. I do certainly enjoy hibachi/teppanyaki dining, though the more of these places I eat at, the more the show seems the same from place to place. That was topped off by an ice cream (well, frozen custard) cake from The Meadows. Heavenly.

Wow. What a weekend. I’ve decided to turn 35 again next month!